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Candice & Kyle

Candice and Kyle responded to a model call from a week or so back. I just had to photograph this couple I mean come on how gorgeous is she?! Candice is starting a new job as a teacher in the city this coming week and I wish her the best of luck. What an important job!

We got to talk a little bit about their upcoming wedding next fall but Hunter kept us a little busy trying to keep him happy and smiling. This model call was for a couple but how cold would I have to be to say no to some photos with this handsome boy! Come on now!

This is my families property in Northern Maryland. Lush greens, beautiful pond, and a large vegetable garden my aunt prides herself with. The land and the house is just breath taking I love bringing people to their home just to show it off. Hunter enjoyed the animals as well.

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday.

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