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Take me back to the beach!

Today is a personal post because its important to me to be as real as possible with you!

This week I had my two step kids with us for the week because it is summer time! They both attend private school and will go back to school in just a few weeks, much earlier than public school. say the least being a mom to three this week has me completely drained. I'm way more than tired. I'm forever wishing we were back at the beach relaxing and not thinking about all the things that need to be done. Coffee runs have been every day this week. Praise the lord Dunkin' is right around the corner (I'm not a fan of Starbucks).

I'm drowning in laundry, toys, and mac and cheese. Seriously though, Mac and cheese for lunch 5 days straight so far. I just can't do it anymore! Even though I'm stressing out the girls were so much help with Ella and they even helped pick out things for our Summer Mini Sessions that are being annouced later this week.

Today I'm blogging, folding laundry, and preparing for a session later tonight with Lauren & Vinny! Hoping everyone has a wonderful Friday.

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