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Stormy Skies Engagement in Layonsville

Sneak Peak! These two were fantastic with the conditions we had to work with today! Vinny is a photographer himself sooo no pressure here!

Today was an adventure for sure. We had our session on the property of a friend. A farm.. with horses. Setting up today I had two horses come over to greet me and well one of them was a bit more aggressive with his love. He decided to knock over my lantern and break all the glass in it! Don't worry! No horses were hurt in the making of these photos. But really I promise it was all cleaned up. I grew up with cows but horses? NOPE! Some of you may know I'm allergic to animals. Horses are included in that animal category- I got on one when I was about 7-8 I sneezed and it took off. Scared for life!

Back on track- Vinny and Lauren are getting married in April of 2018 and have already worked out most of the details for their big day (you go girl!). Tonight we ran into some unexpected rain towards the end of the session but it made for some beautiful images! Trying to remain positive these two completely embraced the twisted turn of events. They were such a pleasure and stayed relaxed throughout the session - even when they felt awkward they had smiles which always make for the best photos. And come on her dresses were just perfect!!

Vinny and Lauren own VTBPhotography if you would like to go check them out!

Happy Friday Y'all!

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