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5 Reasons my Fiancé is the Best Ever!

Happy Anniversary to me! This past Wednesday marked three years with Terry. I got incredibly lucky to snatch up a man as great as him.

Why only 5 reasons? I mean I could list on forever but I'm pretty sure all the mushy stuff would make you wanna throw up by the time you were done reading this. So lets keep this to the most important things.

1. He supports me in every. single. way. Financially he supported me for seven months while I stayed home with our daughter for those first few months of her life. He continues to push me to follow my dreams and passions - in photography in motherhood and in all my creative outlets. I also have a low key shopping problem that he doesn't necessarily support but he doesn't give me any grief about it! Thats the kinda man I need! He knows exactly when to just listen and let me vent but always has these words of wisdom that help bring me back down to earth when I need it the most.

2. He is the best father. He wanted Ella just as much as I did. Every doctors appointment, every pregnancy craving, every melt down he was there. We had countless trips to the local diner at 3:00 am. He has some kind of special touch with her. Even when I was pregnant.. he would give eskimo kisses and she would kick back exactly where his nose was. It was honestly kind of creepy. Ella walks around all day long just asking (screaming) for her dada. I never could have picked a better father for my Ella bug. He handles all of his girls with ease.

3. Terry totally understands how much being a Stay at Home mom is. There is no pressure to make sure that everything is perfect for him when he gets home. My job is to teach her, play with her, feed her, and overall keep her alive which can be a challenge some days.. Doing all of that and juggling as much housework, errands, and work as I possibly can. He just gets it. He is just a modern man and gets it. He understands how much work goes into everything that I do and feeling appreciated as a stay at home mom is just icing on the cake.

4. He can cook y'all! Some of you may know that we were both in the restaurant industry. Terry went to culinary school and is an amazing chef! SCORE! He now is in management but enjoys being in the kitchen at home. In all honesty I couldn't even make an over easy egg before we got together so him being able to cook is a huge blessing. He has opened me up to all kinds of different foods I would never eat before. Hellllooo Indian food - it's my fav!

5. He loves me for me. I have struggled and continue to struggle with postpartum depression and body image. That is very hard for me to admit to the giant audience that is the internet.. There have been lots of changes in my home, my body, my lifestyle, and my work. He loves me exactly how I am. All my quirks, my stretch marks, my scar. We are all worthy of love exactly how we are and he reinforces that to me all the time. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have someone who understands and accepts me for me.

I was going to wear the gorgeous dress for our anniversary dinner Saturday night but it ended up POURING. So it got to sit in my closet. I plan on holding on to it, like come on its gorgeous! We went to dinner and got to eat at our own pace, I got to have more than one drink - woohoo, and no screaming child. It was a lovely evening. My parents were kind enough to keep her overnight so that we really got to enjoy our date.

A Little back story: Terry and I met while I worked for him. Yes.. worked for him scandalous I know. He announced he was leaving the company and I just knew I had to make my move before I never saw him again. So I did just that and we have been together ever since.

We have big news to announce within the next few weeks - stay tuned!

Dress is from AliExpress and is available to use for sessions!

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