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Sunflower Mommy & Me

This sweet boy and his mama won my giveaway! We stumbled upon a very small pick your own sunflower field in Hampstead. It turned out to be the perfect location for us!

Way back in the day Tiffany and I were neighbors and grew up in the same neighborhood. Small world right?

Upon arriving to the session Wyatt had just woken up from a nap so he wasn't his normal crazy self. Once he woke up and warmed up to me is when the fun started.

We knew Wyatt was in control of the session since the second he got out of the car so we just went with it! Only a few minutes of mommy loving than he just wanted to go go go!

Tiffany is a nanny to a 3 year old boy which allows her to stay with Wyatt and give him a best friend! They are always on the go and having the most fun adventures; waterparks, walks, splash pads, playgrounds, and your regular backyard boy play!

Props to Tiffany for being able to handle TWO BOYS. I cannot even imagine. The bond between Tiffany and Wyatt is just the most beautiful - and sometimes not the most beautiful.. See photo. I couldn't help but share because helllloooo - Rotten children that we love more than anything in the world! We can all relate to that right? That little boy will always have his mamas heart.

"In raising my children, I have

lost my mind but found my soul"

-Lisa T Shepherd

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