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After Every Storm is a Rainbow | Princess P's Story

This is Cassie and her sweet baby girl Parker. I had the pleasure of meeting these two beatufiul ladies for a mommy & me session. Cassie is a mom, military wife, and she manages to work part time! You go girl! Cassie had mentioned she wanted to make sure the butterfly in her flower crown (that she made herself- amazing I know!) was showing. Did you know butterflies are a symbol of miscarriage? I didn't. Once we started talking I knew I needed to share her story; to start the discussion, to show her strength, and to let the world know about Carter Ray.

At 35 weeks Cassie went to see her OB because something didn't feel right. It turned out she was in labor! After spending some time at the hospital she was sent home because there was no progression. Four days later she was experiencing contractions again and headed back to the hospital. Once they were in triage there was some trouble hearing his heartbeat. After a sonogram they had confirmed his heart had stopped beating. With a broken heart Cassie was sent for an emergency c-section to later be told that the umbilical cord was

tied in a knot. They got to spend time with their angel Carter and say goodbye. I am not sharing this story to pull on your heart strings but to start the discussion, to share their strength. Miscarriage is a taboo subject as well as breastfeeding, and infertility. Being a woman, mom, or a wife is all already hard enough. Show compassion -you never know someone else's struggle. Everyone has a struggle and a story.

With goosebumps and teary eyes I tell you about sweet Parker Jane Ray. Four months after they lost Carter they were blessed with this baby girl. "God made her extra special for me - he knew I needed her". A High risk pregnancy means constant doctors appointments for mama!

Twice a week, every week through her pregnancy. Every. single. one. was worth it! You can never be to careful. February 8th, 2017 at 12:01 pm Princess Parker was brought into this world. Cassie had to undergo another c-section and was put under anesthesia due to a medical condition. Her daddy was waiting for her with open arms! This little Ray of sunshine brings her family so much happiness.

Cassie radiates beauty and light. I'm so glad I got to share her story with you and that she allowed me to do so. Parker and Carter are very lucky to have a mama as sweet as her. Hold your babies a little tighter and kiss them a little longer. This family deserves the world.

In addition to all of the hats she wears- she is very talented! Cassie made the flower crown for herself and Parker for the session! She also makes those amazing floating floral mobiles that you see all over Pinterest! If you're intrested look her up! I was so impressed - I love them!!

Cassies Dress: Lulu's - Hippe Hippie Chic Cream Maxi Dress

Parkers Romper: Amazon - Colorful Childhood Baby Girls Jumpsuit Infant Bodysuit Tutu Lace Dress

Flower Crows: Handmade by Cassie

Hair & Makeup:

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