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Smiles for Miles | Dot Dot Smile | Westminster MD

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the most beautiful tea party with the sweetest girls in the world! Sunshine, cupcakes, and dress up - what more can a girl ask for?!

Ashley Myers of Dot Dot Smile, hosted her launch tea party for Millie and all her friends.

Upon arrival the girls came in and were in awe of all the colorful patterned dresses. Holding the hangers up to themselves, "mommy mommy, I love this one!". Running from one room to another trying on jewelry, playing games, and sneaking fruit snacks. I'm pretty sure the girls ran around in a big circle for about 7 minutes. Made me dizzy just watching them!

Dot Dot Smile is a clothing line designed with girls in mind. Made for that perfect twirl

l that only your five year old self can fully appreciate. The smile on their faces as they watch the dress flow around them as they dance and play is what its all about! Nicole is daughter of Lularoe owner DeAnne Stidham. Nicole was a struggling mom and wife when she came up with this great idea one evening scrolling through Instagram. Scrolling through wishing she could buy the luxury clothes that she was seeing for her girls. Right then she decided to come out with her own clothing line. Dot Dot Smile came from trying to teach her three year old daughter how to draw a smiley face, so the name has a deeper meaning behind it!

Just take a look at how beautiful and fun these dresses are! These girls were in their glory as was I wishing I was five again. The lemon print... come on now y'all!!

Dot Dot Smile by Ashley & Millie Myers

Catering provided by Mollis Cafe, Westminster

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