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Pumpkin Patch | Girls Day

ShWalking down the path her eyes suddenly got a sparkle. She saw the animals at the bottom of the hill and her heart got warm and her head got excited! She came to a dead stop and starting running in place with excitement - she could not even contain herself!

DUCK! DUCK! DUCK! Ella said over and over again.

Our neighborhood has a pond with lots of ducks so she is familiar with them - she knows not to touch but insisted on sticking her fingers in the cage.

*No children or animals were harmed in the process of this visit*

Running up and down the path looking at the different animals. Ducks, cow, pony - cow, pony, cow, pony, duck, cow, duck, duck, duck. I'm pretty sure thats how it went anyway. She LOVES animals. It was a beautiful day and we had the chance to finally visit a pumpkin patch.

Nothing went as planned. Per usual.

However I could not have asked for more perfect weather. Sunshine, crisp fall air, and coffee in hand. What could go wrong? BEES. Bees is what can go wrong! Tons of them. Everywhere. Somehow someway we all got out of there without a bee sting. It was a miracle - it was insane.

After visiting all the animals eight times we went and picked out some small pumpkins, a few mums, and a small hay bale. Standing in line Ella decided she would drop a bunch of apples on the ground and take bite out of a few of them. We ended up purchasing a few bruised half eaten apples courtesy of Ella Bug. She even tried to take a bite out of a sweet potato!

Of course we had to take some festive fall photos in a little red wagon at the patch. She's the cutest.

Lookin' at me like Mama.. put the camera down and get me off this table!

I think that this was apple number two.

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