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April & Derek | Gettysburg Battle Feilds

These two beautiful people went on an adventure with me! It was meant to be and I thank my lucky stars for the weather this beautiful day! The only nice day we had in a week long stretch - so naturally I had April and Derek hiked with me through the Gettysburg Battle Fields!

Stepping out of the car with a little hair fluff April already had me all kinds of giddy! I love when my clients dress up for me! I'm sure Derek was loving it just as much ;)

Perfectly matching and this golden sunset light had me melting behind the camera just spewing compliments at them.

These two had such a light energy about them - making each other laugh, cracking jokes, and not taking themselves to seriously. I am a firm beleiver that the ability to make each other laugh is a huge component in a marriage! After an hour with these two I know they will make it for the long haul!

I'm already looking forward to their beautiful fall wedding in Gettysburg surrounded with all of their friends and family. Celebrating these two amazing people and their love for one another - that is so well known by anyone who surrounds them!

Here are just some of my favorites!

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