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Putting the final touches on your hair before leaving the house for your session. Praying that little one just gives one smile - oh how grateful you would be for just one photo of the two of you!

Packing up snacks, pacifiers, extra outfits, and their favorite toy. This is motherhood.

Praying for a photo of your sweet babe that has you in it for a change! I know this feeling all to well. You need to get in front of the camera. They're only little for so long!

Despite the cold all of these wonderful women stuck it out, sniffles, tears and all.

Remember this day. Remember packing up the diaper bag, rushing out the door, praying there was no stains on their outfit from the ten minute car drive. For one day you will miss it all.

I personally am not there yet. I do not look forward to packing the diaper bag for a trip to the store when in reality I packed for a long weekend - with kids you just never know!

but... I know one day I will miss the hustle and bustle with a toddler.

All I'm saying is to try. Try to embrace the pains of motherhood. Take a deep breath when you patience is running low; try to find the beauty in the situation.

Something one of my dearest mamas always tells me when her little is acting up..

"Well this is how he is today and I want to remember this forever"

Tears, giggles, smiles, and tantrums soak it in. For one day he will be a man with his own life, his own family, handling his own childs tantrums (and you will forever have embarrassing photos to show his wife and children).

Take a deep breath today - the role of motherhood is not something one can prepare for. It's been two years and I'm still adjusting! So often we get lost in the motions we forget to really appreciate how amazing and beautiful our children are.

But I have a feeling it doesn't get any easier -we just get better at handling everything life hands to us!

And that my friends is motherhood. *Mic drop*

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