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Towson Graduate | Sophie

This gorgeous, smart, kindhearted woman graduated from Towson University this past Thursday!

We go wayyyy back - like all the way back.

Growing up across the street from each other as toddlers and our mothers became friends. We have been friends as far back as I can remember! When she reached out to me I was SO excited. And if you keep on scrolling you will see why!

Sophie is such a beautiful soul. Just radiates sunshine and happiness - she always has! Her laugh is infectious and she has the best sense of humor to match.

She is the girl at the party who makes friends with everyone instantly.

Braving the heat and tall grass we headed out for the session to this beautiful field I've been dying to use! Supppperr tall grass and weeds with needle like points made things a little difficult in a dress but a few pricks and some bug bites are well worth it for the images we got.

When driving between locations she told me all about her last four years. Her sorority, internships, multiple jobs, and landing a full time job at her internship! GO SOPHIE!

I'm so amazed by all things she has done and will do.

We had so much fun seeing each other and catching up, talking dreams, jobs, life, and sharing some laughs along the way.

Keep on scrolling for some of my favorite images!

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