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Going All Ott | Shenandoah Woods Wedding

Have you ever met someone and just clicked with them right away?

This was me and Krystal. When we first met it had felt like a instant connection - like a long lost friend. As months went by and she told me stories of her bridal shower and bachelorette weekend I just knew she was my kind of person!

Krystal and Justin shared the most beautiful day in the mountains of Shenandoah Woods Luray. I was in complete awe of this amazing venue! Every single guest got photos with the mountain view.

Storm clouds were floating by so the ceremony was pushed up about ten minutes in hopes of avoiding any rain.

Krystal and her father slowly walking down the isle as little rain drops bounce off the pathway. You can feel the mood shift quickly from concern to pure joy. She looks up at Justin and they share a giggle - of course it rains on their wedding day. When she reaches the end of the isle as her father gives her away the rain just stopped.

It rained for a total of maybe two minutes.

A blessing from god.

If I have ever felt such a presence from a higher power - this was the moment! So magical to watch these two incredible, kind hearted, down to earth people unite in holy matrimony.

Thank you for all the smiles and laughs throughout the day and may your marriage be full of them for all the years to come!

Heres just a few of my favorites..

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