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Hereford Sweethearts | Alex & Jess

Jess and I go way back to Highschool - we cheered together all through high school and she was my flyer 90% of the time. We were part of the magnificent seven our senior year and spent countless evenings together with our squad.

When she reached out to me I got stupidly giddy and excited! I have seen them grow together over the years - they have a special place in my heart. So getting to be apart of their big day is such an honor.

Jess and Alex met in gym class in the 6th grade - she had a crush on him them too!

They really hit it off in health class Junior year. He made her cookies on her birthday and she drove him home everyday. The rest is history!

Alex proposed while they were visiting Honeoye Lake in upstate New York. While adventuring on a hike they came to a waterfall . He had set up the tripod to take a photo of them at the waterfall after a long hike - she thought. He recorded the proposal! MEGA fiancé points!!

After the hike back he had arranged for a mini engagement celebration with both of their parents. Best weekend ever right?!

The video of the proposal brings tears to my eyes every.single.time.

Here are some highlights from our engagement session!

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