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Choosing Lingerie for your Boudoir Session

Let me start off by saying how brave of you to click into this post. Maybe you've seen promotions for boudoir sessions or maybe you're just thinking about spicing things up in the bedroom either way I'm super proud of you!

Lingerie can be a bit overwhelming if you've never dove into it. What looks best? What do I like? Is there an option that doesn't look like it takes 20 minutes to put on?

Don't worry I'm here to help!

Disclaimer - I'm not a lingerie professional but after some research and asking questions to some real women I'm here and have some answers for you.

Lets first talk about what is so intimidating. Lingerie shopping is not at all what it used to be. You can skip the embarrassment of going into an 'adult' store. All the lingerie in the world is at your fingertips - yes the internet! And I promise you, you can always find something you love online! Seriously so many options. They even lingerie subscription boxes now! Like what?!

So with endless possibilities at your finger tips how do you know what the heck to buy?! I'm going to break this down for you by the one thing you're waiting for me to mention..

"well I don't like the way I look.." or " I don't like *insert body part*"

Well take a second and think about what that is for you. For me it's my stomach. After gaining and losing 30lbs at a time, carrying a baby, and a c-section it is by far the place I want a camera to stay the heck away from.

The Mom Pouch

My most self conscious area by far .. the mom pouch! Believe it or not - it is possible to camouflage! My favorite ways to draw your eye elsewhere are body suits and high waisted underwear. High waisted underwear are for sure a favorite over here. Body suits are universally flattering and I want to tell of you. to go buy one! I know you don't think it will look good - "it's to tight" and "hugs all the wrong places" but PLEASE trust me and go buy yourself a bodysuit!

Long Torso

If you have a long torso and you feel like it draws a lot of attention try corsets and high waisted underwear with a bralette set! Corsets define the shape and lace patterns on the corset do a great job of making things look perfect! Bonus points if the corset cinches at the waist like this one. While high waisted underwear and bralette sets break up the torso drawing your eye right to the goods.

Short Legs

So you have short legs .. you can easily lengthen your legs by purchasing a garter belt and some thigh highs! Easy fix! A pair of classic black heels never hurts either.

Another way to lengthen the legs is to really pay attention to placement during photos. But that is your photographers job! I promise your partner will not care if you have a garter belt on.

Large / Small Chested

This may seem like a silly problem on either extreme side of the spectrum but it really goes both ways! And you always want what you don't have. The most important part to choosing lingerie is getting something that fits you properly. Especially a bra top! Take the time the read a size chart when ordering online and measure yourself before investing in a beautiful piece of lingerie.

For my larger chested ladies out there support in lingerie is almost unheard-of. But these are a new favorite that just keep popping up everywhere! I'm not really even sure what to call it. The support of a bra with an open top to put the girls on display. Beautifully classy and not over top.

Now for my smaller chested girls I recommend pushups and bustiers. Pushes everything up top while keeping your figure on display!


We all have it. No if ands or buts about it!

Whether it bothers you or not there are a few things you can do about it. After all you're here on how to choose lingerie. Thigh highs, bodysuits, and bodystockings are all great for covering those areas you may have some cellulite that you don't love.

There are a few products they make to reduce cellulite like Body Boost from Pure Romance. A product that is tried and true and I will always recommend!

Find what makes you feel sexy and rock it!

Where to Buy

There are soooo many places online. But I'm going to leave you with some of my favorites and some that past clients have loved.

Victorias Secret




Adore Me*

Eloquii *** - extra stars because favorite!

AMAZON* - yes amazon y'all. Just trusttt mee.. but read reviews though.

Fashion Nova*

* These places all have plus sizes for my queen sized ladies.

On a real note - do yourself a favor and check out Amazon for your lingerie. Be sure to read reviews and check sizing charts but you will be blown away for the bang for your buck!

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