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Block Scheduling | SAHM Schedule

Some of you may know me well while others may not! So let me give you a little background.. I'm 23, engaged, and have a beautiful little girl! I am one of five children in a blended family. The middle child - of course! I grew up in northern Baltimore County MD where all the farm folk live and I'm so proud of where I come from - It really shaped me into the person I am today.

I was a stay at home mom until Ella was 1.5 then she was in daycare for a year. I am now staying at home with her again. Which is both so exciting but also nerve wrecking! I am so used to my day to day work flow and adding a toddler to the mix makes accomplishing anything near impossible.

I need efficiency in my life especially now trying to balance motherhood, my business, childcare / education, being the maid, and being a great partner. Let me say anyone who has this figured out is a HERO. It is so hard and I am by far good at it - but I do my best and thats all that I can really do!

Lets first talk about what block scheduling is..

Block scheduling is dedicating different parts of your day doing specific tasks you set for yourself.

Mine looks like this :

9:00 - 9:30 Daily Morning Tasks

9:30 - 10:00 Morning 'Circle Time'

10:00 - 10:30 Activity Bin

10:30 Snack

10:30 - 11:00 Play Time

11:00 - 12:00 Daily Cleaning Task / Online Games or Movie

12:00 - 12:30 Lunch

12:30 - 2:30 Nap / Work

2:30 - 3:00 Craft / Practical

3:00 - 4:30 Play

4:30 Dinner Prep

Let me break down what this means, why it looks like this, and how things could be different for you!

My schedule is a little different then some of SAHMs because typically you would clean while the little one naps. I work while she naps and clean while she is awake. It just works for us.

We wake up around 6:30 but our day does not start that early because I'm not much of a morning person until after I've had a coffee and it has kicked in. Her normal school day would not start until 9 o'clock so to keep things consistent I do the same.

Ella wakes me in the morning and we spend some time snuggling get out of bed and do our morning things (make the beds, get dressed, brush our teeth, etc.) head downstairs and have breakfast. If theres any dishes in the sink I do those first. I'm not one to push things to the side and say I'll get them done later and enjoy my time with her now. Get it done as soon as possible for peace of mind so you can enjoy your time with your child without those thing. weighing heavy on your mind. I promise it won't take as long as you think!

I plan out dinners for the whole week on Sunday nights. Other meals are not planned - we work with what we've got! 75% of the time I don't even make those specific planned dinners. But it is peace of mind knowing we have everything to make it and it has already been planned out to an extent. Sunday nights after Ella is in bed I sit down at the kitchen table and write down the things I know need to get done and decide which days I will do them as well as which work tasks and home tasks get done each day. Then I dig through the pantry to see what we can eat that week that doesn't involve me going to the grocery store.

Circle time consists of all the things that Ella would typically do during her school day. Colors, shapes, weather, numbers & letters, spanish, and the very little sign language that I know. We sit on the floor in her play area and do these things together.

Ellas activity bin was an idea given to me from a friend! We have a cheap dollar store bin (pink of course) that I fill the night before with independent activities like a coloring sheet, play dough, and two barbies. During this time I get done anything that I need to - sink full of dishes, fold laundry, make a todo list, or answer emails. Having things like that on my mind and seeing the dirt/clutter makes me anxious and not a good mom. I'm a huge advocate for that - just get it done!

Now I'm sure any SAHM is rolling there eyes when they see a craft every day. It's not every day! Some days I give her some paint and she paints on her easel. That is super easy for me! It could be a coloring page, stickers and paper, some paint and paper, or a more planned out craft like what you see above. I get all my ideas off Pinterest. This month was special because of Valentines Day. Sometimes we also bake as her 'craft' she loves making cupcakes!

What might look different for you..

Your day can look completely different! If you don't need to work during nap time I encourage you to clean during nap then take some mommy time for a cup of coffee and your favorite TV guilty pleasure.

Starting your block schedule..

This shouldn't take you more then 40 minutes if you have no distractions. Put down the instagram!

Start by making three lists: cleaning list, education list (things you know you want to do daily), and your personal todo list (for me it's work tasks)

Your cleaning list should have everything that you would want to be done in a week as well as a biweekly task. If you're super OCD like me you can even have a monthly cleaning project.

Then go through and decide which things you will do each day. My biweekly task are bathrooms and cleaning out the refrigerator. Bathrooms because I seriously HATE cleaning the bathrooms. My monthly task this month is cleaning the walls and door frames with any marks on them.

You will repeat this process with all of your lists. Decide which days you will do which items.

I'm going to leave my breakdowns below to spark some ideas! Pinterest has amazing resources and cleaning schedules that are super efficient!

While doing your education list be sure to research activities and different ways you can implement those activities/tasks. We do flash cards, work sheets, charts, puzzles. Pinterest has much more creative ideas though!

Maybe I helped you a little? Maybe not at all? If you have any suggestions please send me an email!

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