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The Perfect Headshot | 4 Things You Need to Know.

Thanks for popping on over to the blog! Are you taking fresh headshots? Or just want to know how to get a better photo of yourself? You're at the right place!

Headshots can be intimidating, not to freak you out.. but they're a big representation of who you are. Despite what people say about not judging a book by its cover a first impression is everything! Especially if you're a business owner!


1. What to Wear

What you wear has everything to do with your profession. Business casual, to a full suit, or for me jeans and a fun top! I'm just lucky ;)

You need to decide how you want to portray yourself depending on what the photos are for. A professional shot for a website I think you want to be more formal. Images of yourself for your social media feed maybe something more casual - something you'd wear in your free time. Not your pajamas of course!

For headshots I always have clients bring 2-3 outfit changes. At your session you're going to want as much variety as possible so you have lots to chose from. Think about outfits with layers; jackets, layered tops, scarves, cardigans. Adding or removing an item will completely change the look in just a second to add more variety to your gallery.

For women I like to advise on some 'statement' pieces. That could be a large chunky necklace, a fun hat, retro jacket, or drop earrings. Something to spice up the photo and really let your personality shine!

When you book with me I send out a style guide before the session with a bunch of tips and tricks on what looks best, what colors photograph best, etc. If you're provided with such information use it! I made it to help you so you can look your best and really be in love with the final product!

2. Hair & Makeup

Go pro! Professional hair and makeup will change your whole look. Don't go into debt BUT if you're paying for your headshots from a professional you really should go all the way out and do hair and makeup as well.

This is also one of those things that it really depends on what you're using the photo for. But just trust me when I say the professional makeup is SO worth it. Wearing your hair up vs. down also has its different messages. A sleek pony tail or updo screams professional to me. If you're wanting to show more of your fun side some loose curls will do the trick!

If you're a man a fresh cut and shave will do the trick. Take the time to pay attention to those little things like a clean neck line and fresh cut.

3. Communication

Talk with your photographer! I want to know exactly what you want. A Pinterest board can be great inspiration and an easy way to show what you're looking for.

If you're a realtor looking for professional headshots you're not going to want many images of you smiling and laughing at the camera.

Now if you're a social media influencer or blogger you are going to want those! Lots of those.

There are things that are pretty standard as far as headshots go but I want to know YOU.

I want you to tell me about your company or brand so I can get a feel of what it is exactly that you're looking for so I can be sure I can deliver it you!

Your photographer can be a huge asset to you at your session. We're here to help and we WANT to help. So set up a phone call to talk about the kinds of things you like in photos or even better what you don't like in photos.

Open communication is everything.

This is your business we're talking about here - I'm here to assist you in further creating your brand!

4. Posing


What do I have to say about posing..

Your photographer should know how to pose you and should coach you and pose you through the entire session if they're doing their job correctly.

BUT I'm going to go ahead and just leave a few tricks here. If you have ever been a client of mine I'm going to teach you some of my secrets!

Slimming your arm - You can easily slim your arms by slightly moving your elbow away from your body. It creates space between your body & arm and has a slimming effect.

Lean towards the camera - leaning ever so slightly towards the camera makes your head appear larger and your body smaller. VERY easy slimming effect.

Tummy slimming - by turning your hips to a 45 degree angle and your twisting your shoulders towards the camera you're making your tummy appear smaller. If you have a significant other or partner with you lean into each other - it essentially cuts your body in half! 25 lbs gone just like that!

Double Chin - The easiest way to hide what you may consider an unflattering double chin is by leaning towards the camera like I have above ^^. That brings your chin forwards and eliminates any extra skin. You can also pay special attention to not put your chin down towards your shoulder.

I hope some of these tips can help you! If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me! Spring has sprung! Update your headshots y'all!

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