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2020 Family Photos | Best Farm | Doris Ponce Photography

Hi Friends!

I thought I would share my family photos on the blog this year! Ella is growing so quickly and we have a man who has entered our lives.

Ella is growing up so fast it is beyond bitter sweet. She has been such a pleasure to be around lately and if you have a 4 year old sassy girl - you totally know what I mean!

Beautiful photos taken by my sweet friend Doris at Doris Ponce Photography and edited by yours truly.

Let me introduce to you my boyfriend Luke..

We met on Facebook dates and feel in love overnight. The first night we met he told me " you're going to be my girlfriend and love me one day" and boy was he right..

We have spent pretty much the entire pandemic together. The three of us have had an incredible summer that I will never forget.

My sweet girl - I hope you always remember how special you are. Don't ever let anyone dim your shine.

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