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3 Things I learned Mom-ing

This little girl has been giving me and her daddy a run for our money lately. I've been blaming it on growth spurts, teething, anything I can think of really.. 

This weekend was Terrys Birthday! We celebrated with friends and family. It was a great day with great people and amazzing food!

We ran a lot of errands today - I totally get it. Toddler in and out of the car all day is just a disaster waiting to happen. Just today I learned 3 very valuable things to get me through the day. You think I would've known these all before but today this little Ella Bug really pounded these into my head.

1. SNACKS. Lots of snacks. Everywhere all the time. I can't even tell you how much easier my day could have been had I been more prepared with food. Pouches, granola bars, goldfish, she ate green beans out of a ziplock today! It happened! You name it this girl will eat it. 

2. Be prepared for the worst. Ella has this toy we call it "the magic toy" because it always makes her quiet and happy. It has nothing to it and we don't understand at all why it makes her so happy but it does. And books. She LOVES dogs. So her My First 100 Animals is a favorite in our house. She just points at the dog and goes dog, dog, dog, dog dog.. allllll day long. I've gotta get this child a puppy. Whenever we get in the car now or before we walk out the door. Terry and I look at each other to make sure we have a book and the "magic toy". I've gotta start being prepared for 30-40 minute car rides of screaming. Maybe if I had a secret toy in the bag it all could have bene avoided. 

3. Most importantly I have to remember that she is a baby! 30 minutes in the car is a long time for her. 3 errands in a row is a lot for her. I try so very hard to make things as fun as I can for her but sometimes its just not enough. Or we have days like today - screaming in the grocery store. Covering her mouth was just an instinct and it just made it sooo much worse. It became a game.. not one I wanted to play. I was running around with my head down like a crazy person to get my little out of there! I don't want people to think that I accept this behavior but girllll they didn't know the day I just had. 

What a day - I've learned my lesson thats for sure. Hope y'all are having a great week. Hang in there!

The $2.85 for coffee today was well worth a bit of my sanity. Just saying!

Ellas adorable top is from Target and her jeans are from The Children's Place

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