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Amber & Brian | Whittier Lake Engagement Session

1. How did you meet?

Such a funny story!! We actually have known each other since we were kids, but never talked to each other! Our dads worked together and our moms went to high school together. During my senior year of college, we started following each other on social media and flirted a bit. One night, Brian was at a party with my dad when my future sister in law said “Oh! You’re talking to Amber?!” My fed then gave him my number! The rest is history!

2. How did you get engaged?

Well, let me start off by saying that we had many many discussions about being engaged. Some ended in tears, but all worked out!! On Christmas Eve, we were getting ready for bed and Brian says to me, “you really bring the Christmas spirit out in me, I just love you so much!” I was thinking, aww I love you too and went off to sleep. When we woke up, he was WIDE AWAKE. We are not morning people, so I thought this was odd- but just rolled with it. His heart was also pounding. I associated it being excited for Christmas. We exchanged all of our gifts (I thought) and then he said “I think there’s another gift for you!” As soon as he took the box from the tree he was getting emotional and I knew what was coming. Honestly; I don’t remember much! I think I blacked out!! I just know he asked me and I said yes and I was a mess for awhile. Then we went to my moms for breakfast and told everyone! It was the best Christmas yet!

3. Describe your vision for your wedding day.

My vision is really simple- I want to marry the love of my life with all of our family and friends surrounding us. Our venue is beautiful and has so much decor already that I envision simple flowers and centerpieces. I also want to include my students in someway- I haven’t decided how yet, but they will be there with me in someway. I really just want to showcase who we are as a couple and soak in every single moment. Our families have known each other for years- but now we are starting a brand new chapter.

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