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Y'all this is my best friend. She is hardworking, strong, and independent as f*ck.

Let me tell you the story of how we met..

I just moved into my house on Lakeside Drive and Vanessa lived two houses down from me. We met at a welcome dinner with our sweet neighbor Pam at the time. I met Vanessa and Pam sitting outside on the patio sipping cocktails.

My first impression was somewhat accurate. Vanessa has a mega RBF - you know as many girls do. Doesn't mean anything about their personality.

We didn't really kick it off right away.

Some time passed we became friends on Facebook even though we hadn't ever really hung out. I reached out to her via facebook messenger looking for a boudoir model. Vanessa has had an incredible weight loss journey. I've shot three boudoir sessions total for her. Each time she gets smaller and smaller. My photo work has greatly improved since then as well!

After I shot the first session for her we connected. Had drinks on our patio a few days later and we've kind of been inseparable since!

She was there for me through my separation with my fiancé, moving into my own apartment, she gets me into the gym and gives me all the tough love I need even when I DO NOT want it.

When we lived next door to each other we would make dinner and trade leftovers which we still do sometimes!

Scroll through to see some more of this beautiful friend of mine!

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