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Bowman Wedding | COVID-19 Weddings | Beaver Creek Country Club Wedding

March 14th I had the pleasure of spending time with Jessica and Marshall while they got ready at Beaver Creek Country Club! Girls sipping on mimosas while the boys goof off watching Youtube videos.

During toasts our amazing Maid of Honor gave a wonderful speech about Jessica. Telling everyone how she found out about Marshall for the first time.

Hanging out with Jessica and asking if there were any guys in her life - normally she would say no or shrug it off.. but that day she lit up as she spoke about Marshall. Giddy and smiling ear to ear!

Now THAT folks is what we all crave.

Jessica braved through everything that was the Covid-19 Pandemic. She was lucky enough to have her big day before the government shut life down. Don't worry - they still had the most magical day!

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