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Bringing Pets to your Engagement Session | Willow & Emmett | Monkton Engagement

I get asked so very often "Hey! Can we bring our dogs with us?"

YES! Yes of course you can. There are some pretty basic tips here to get the most out of your session with your pup!

First off - Let me know!

I can prep you and point you in the direction of this blog post as well as some helpful hints. I will disclose to you that I'm allergic to all animals - whomp whomp whommmpppp... Yea.. It sucks.

So that being said I am not going to die if I pet them which I might still do anyway but I have to limit my interaction with your dog.

That being said, bring a handler!

Bring someone who can take your pup for a walk while we're shooting. I typically start or end the session with dogs. We only get 15ish minutes while they want to behave so we plan it wisely depending on the day.

Bring treats of course! Bring treats and a squeaky toy! A squeaky toy will help me get their attention and having them look directly at the camera.

Bringing a handler is your biggest key here. Have someone who can take over when the pet portrait time is up. We don't have to waste any time accommodating the pup.

If you have a pet that sheds (as most of them do) Be sure to bring a lint roller or wait to change into your session clothes upon arrival. Excessive pet hair on clothing will not be edited out.


Willow & Emmett were blessed to have the most well behaved puppies I've ever seen - a wild boy for sure but sat down for me and gave me his full attention without any bribery!

He may have stomped through the stream but hey - no one was mad!

I was seriously so impressed!

These two beautiful humans are tying the knot this coming October! We're getting so close to the big day. We braved the cold for portraits mid-day!

Emmett brought his very first truck for us to take some photos with - I am living for the fun romantic vibe from these two. Plus I mean they're both gorgeous!

I cannot wait to share more of their wedding - I just know everything is going to be perfect. Be sure to take an extra look at her flawless engagement ring!

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