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Hampsteads Local Mermaid | Meghan

WOWZA! Can we just talk about how beautiful Meghan is? Some of you who know me personally know that this is my sister! Meghan has been getting into modeling for years and asked if we could go out and experiment. My answer was YES PLEASE!

We were digging through her closet trying to find outfits - trust me this girl has a closet unlike anything I'v ever seen before. She has many different styles but when she suggested using her prom dress I almost jumped up and down with excitement. We ventured out to a local propterty and just look how beautiful these are! Don't get me wrong the tall grass was pretty miserable, we got bug bites, I lost my lens cap, and we both were sweating like pigs but totally worth it! 

If you like the look of this session there are similar long tulle skirts available online. They are so beautiful and feminine they really flatter just about everyone! The sessions with this beauty will never really end because she is family. 

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