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HHS Senior | Erica | Hereford MD

Down a back road in the Hereford Zone I had a little adventure with this amazing girl Erica!

I learned my lesson and will forever wear boots to all of my sessions. I cannot count the amount of pricklers in my sweater after the session! Had to of been enough to fill a ziplock snack bag.

Erica is just the sweetest and comes from the nicest family ever! They welcomed me into their home and we got ready and picked out outfits together. I love being involved in the process, just makes everything twice as fun. 

Erica graduates in the spring and is still deciding what to do after graduation - take your time girl! How in the world are you supposed to know what you're going to do for the rest of your life when you're 18?!

We took a little hike for a few of these that we were totally not dressed appropriately for but soooo worth it! 

Lets guess how many guys stopped to look at her truck.... anyone...?

Six. Six guys stopped and commented on her truck - checking her out during the session! Yes boys thats all hers!

Best wishes to this amazing woman check out my favorites from the day!  

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