• Taylor Webster

Jake & Jody | Rose Hill Manor Engagement | Carroll County Weddings

Just a few weeks ago I got to meet Jake and Jody at Rose Hill Manor for their engagement photos! It just so happened the only day that would work was Jakes birthday!

What a trooper for agreeing to do photos. I of course was all about it! Get dressed up, come see me, we will share some laughs, then go enjoy your evening and dinner while you're all dressed up and I've got you all pumped up from rocking your session! Win win for everyone!

Jody followed the style guide to a tee. She even had her makeup trial the day of the session. Which I always push for. You get the trial so you might as well use it for your session. I mean is there really a better time?!

These two are a match made in heaven we shared laughs, talked about their big day, and got to know each other better.

Did you know the main reason behind the engagement session is to simply 'train' you for the wedding day? So in a few months when these guys tie the knot - when I tell Jake to do the thing with his nose.. he will know exactly what I'm talking about and we won't have to waste any time with bride and groom portraits. The bonding, laughs, and extra images are all for fun ;)

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