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MaryClarie & Joe | Power Couple

Happy Friday Yall!

I have the opportunity  to share an incredible love story with you along with their engagement portraits.

MaryClaire and Joe met while attending the University of Michigan. She played field hockey and he played baseball. Freshman year they shared the same dorm 2d and 4th floor. As the year went on the field hockey team became close with the baseball team. Being a little shy they did talk much but most definitely caught each others attention. 

Freshmen year one night after a party she asked for his number and he declined!

Sophomore year came along and after moving out of the dorms they saw less and less of each other. That is until Joe asked her to be his date for the baseball teams Date Night. Of course she accepted! "Date night was one of the best nights we have ever had together. We danced all night and had the time of our lives. And the rest is history!" 

Three years later on a family vacation to Colorado he pops the question in the most romantic way!

New Years Eve meeting family for drinks after a day of skiing Joe keeps taking them in circles and she begins to question what is going on. They come upon a beautiful twinkle lit covered bridge and begins to tell her everything that he loves about her, all of their wonderful memories, and thats how he wants to spend the rest of his life. Next thing she knows he's down on one knee - of course she says yes! 

So beautiful and dreamy - I wish you could've seen my face as I watched him tell the story! Just completely gushing!

The engagement ring was made from an earring of Joes late mother which will be a family heirloom for many many years to come.

"tears of pure joy. It was so magical, and something I will cherish even more for the rest of my life" 

They are beyond excited to become husband and wife! 

The wedding is planned for October 2019 at a beautiful new industrial chic venue The Bond. 

Joe is currently in Arizona for Spring Training for baseball and MaryClaire is awaiting nursing school! Power Couple for sure , I cannot wait to see what comes from these two!

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