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What To Wear As A Wedding Guest

It's coming! Wedding season is seriously only weeks away.

How many weddings are you attending this year? One of my sweet brides is getting married this year and is also attending 5 weddings and is even in the bridal party for two of them!

I'm attending 26 weddings this year ;)

Like whaaat?! That is so much - once you reach that 25-32-ish age range everyone and their brother is getting married. I know you have questions!

What do I wear?



What about hair?

Lets talk through some outfit options!


100% my personal favorite option! I wear jumpsuits to weddings as often as I can - hellllooo full range of motion and stylish as hell.

I'll never forget a wedding I shot I saw a stunning woman in this bright red/orange jumpsuit and I just admired it all night! She looked amazing!

Jumpsuits are a great option no matter what the season! Long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless you have so many options. Easy to layer its a win win all around.

Maxi Dress

Hands down easiest option is this one right here! I personally love a good maxi dress - my closet is full of them. So comfortable and you just looked put together no matter how hard you could try not to.. Messy bun, light makeup, maxi dress, and some statement earrings. BAM! You look like you have your life together, even though you totally don't.

You'll see a little bit over everything below. Floral dresses are very trendy this year! I would say go floral and pastel for spring/summer weddings. Then Fall winter jewel toned solids and rich colors. We never want to take away from the bride so keep color and texture in mind! Nothing to white or eggshell and nothing to ruffled or silk like. Because you just never know what her dress will look like. Be safe and cover all your bases!

Cocktail Dress

Okay so my only warning here is to really think about length.. You're going to be dancing and drinking. You don't want to be giving anyone a free show to what's going on underneath!

These are all great options! I'd tend to opt for a more structured dress for fall/winter weddings and something more flowy and romantic for spring/summer

You guys know I'm a sucker for all things blush and floral but I'm trying to give you some real life options here!

Hair Styles

Lets be practical here - you need something that you can do on your own that is weather friendly and probably humidity friendly! Check out some of these options!

Sleek Pony - YES! You can do this , a little gel or hairspray and a quick youtube video will show you how to nicely wrap some hair around your hair tie to camouflage it.

Top Knot - Simple. Keep it a little messy and dress up your look with your outfit and jewelry. Pull some loose pieces out in the front for an effortless look.

Braid - Now if you don't know how to French braid I have faith that you could handle this one with some help from our trusty friend youtube! Loose curls with a 1- 1.5 curling iron. Gather some hair in the front, braid, and secure with bobby pins. OR you can braid both sides and secure in the back for a half up half down look!

Did I help you at all?! I sure hope so - some inspiration for your 2020 wedding season.

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