• Taylor Webster

Willow & Emmett | Jarrettsville Weddings| Grimmel Farms Wedding

One month ago Willow & Emmett tied the knot! The most beautiful couple both inside and out. Willow told me during their consultation that she had turned Emmett down the first time he asked her out - a year later he tried again and she said yes! Just goes to show everything happens in good time. After meeting for the first time they were instantly infatuated with one another.

Their Engagement Story as Told by Willow..

"Funny story actually 😝 The day before the proposal 12/6 he asked if I wanted to go on the boat with him Saturday 12/7 and of course I said yes. That night we went out with some friends for drinks and here I am inviting all of them not knowing Emmett had planned to propose on the boat the next day....whoops. Fast forward later in the night with a few too many we went home and woke up the next morning (day of proposal) not feeling too hot to go on the boat so we ended up canceling, haha. Lazy day around the house and Emmett asked if I wanted to go take Blue (our dog) for a walk and I agreed and off we went to one of Emmetts hunting properties. We walked around the whole big field and then all the sudden he grabs my arm spins me around and when I turned around he was down on one knee and asked me. The BEST day of my far"

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